The Greece, Sea Guide Vol III is a most complete and professional presentation of the navigable waters covered by this Pilot.
An invaluable Guide with a wealth of local knowledge including many way points marked in practical positions. Details of dozens of anchorages throughout the whole of the area covered.
Written in both Greek and English.
Incredibly comprehensive Pilot book.
Includes Plastic protective sleeve with Velcro fastener.
The book is New. (One only remaining).

Product name: Greece, Sea Guide Vol ΙΙΙ
Covers Area: Ionian Sea, Peloponnisos (except E coast)
ISBN: 978-960-89742-8-9
Language: Greek and English
Edition: 2016
No of edition: 4
Weight (Kg): 1,6
Dimensions (cm): 41 x 29
Pages: 160

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