Passage Planners Sailing/Cruising Log Book .PDF for download


Make your own professional Sailing/Cruising Log Book using our pre-designed and sequentially numbered pages which we supply to you as a .pdf download.


Free download delivery direct to your Inbox.


Following download you will be able to use our .pdf files to make your own Sailing Logbook.


Our .pdf file includes the following:

- 40 individually numbered as 1..2..3..etc top pages with entries detailing your specific voyage details and several lines of your actual voyage log.


- 40 extension pages numbered, as 1A..2A..3A etc. which continues with your voyage log entries. So, in total there is 80 pages of detailed log page entry. (see photos for entry details).


2 pages of details relating to your boat, including essential radio call sign details, your boat’s MMSI number and more descriptive details of your boat and contact details.


3 pages including a front cover sheet, a rear cover sheet and a copy of our license conditions.


There is plenty of room for all entries without being cramped and there is lots of lines for log entries.


This is a professional design for serious sailors and provides entries for a detailed record of your sea passages.


All in all, there is 85 pages for download.


Needless to say, the pages will not include a copyright watermark and will be pin sharp.


Please be aware that no physical product will be posted as this is a digital product which will be sent to you by download to your email address.


The files which will be downloaded by you are as follows:


1 x .pdf file containing 80 Passage Planning Log Book pages, 4 pages of Cover design and Your Boat details, and 1 licensing page.


In total 1 x .pdf file. Approx 6.1 MB.


We will send an email to your address. The email will contain the .pdf file as an attachment for download, and the size of the file will be approx. 6.1 MB. Double clicking the attachment will download the file and, once downloaded you can create a new folder where you can save the downloaded .pdf file.


NOTE: The download file is in .pdf format. If you do not already have Adobe Acrobat, you can download Adobe Acrobat Reader for free at:

Colour accuracy: The print colour may vary depending on the type and quality of your printing ink (or laser print colours) used. Because digital products can't be returned, this product cannot be refunded.



Firstly you need to print the full set which can be carried out using a standard A4 printer, either laser or ink jet. The .pdf file individual pages are configured to be printed on each side of the page so that, for example, page 1 would be printed with Page 1A on the reverse. Thus the log book would comprise of 40 sheets printed both sides i.e 80 pages plus the cover and your boat detail sheets. Please set your printer to 'landscape' and 'print both sides'. Cover sheets should be printed 'single sided' and Boat details can be 'single sided' or 'print both sides'.

Paper thickness? We would suggest that for printing on both sides of the sheet you should use the thickest paper that your printer will take, generally approx. 150 gsm. or thicker. Your printer manual should indicate the max. paper thickness it can support for duplex printing. Use a good quality bond or silk coated print paper suitable for writing on using pencil or pen.

We suggest that you bind the pages together to make the Log book, using either plastic or wire rings. The equipment to carry out this task is quite low cost and can be obtained easily from outlets such as Amazon and/or Ebay.


This will allow you to produce a professional Sailing Log book at an economical price.

Alternatively you could just hole punch the pages and place in a suitable ring binder.


When you have filled your first Sailing/Cruising Log Book, just print and bind another one!


If you have any problems with downloading our files, please do not hesitate to drop us a line.




The following is the License for use of the downloaded Log Book:


- You can make unlimited copies of the forms for personal use only
- You agree not or encourage or allow others to copy or publish the purchased forms by any means whatsoever. This includes but is not restricted to the following:
You agree not to sublicense, resell or distribute any of the digital files even if they are modified or edited.
- You agree are not to convert the digital files or design elements of the purchased forms to different Formats (e.g. *.SVG, *.PNG etc.) and sell those Files.
- You agree that the original purchased forms and copies of the purchased forms must be for the sole and exclusive personal use of you the purchaser.
- You agree not not to make any digital files derived from the purchased forms available to third Parties and/or to use them on any print-on-demand services.
- You agree that copies of the purchased forms and/or or the .PDF files must not be loaned to or given to or sold to or published to or by any third party or entity by you the Purchaser.
- You agree that copies of the purchased .PDF files will not be edited by the you the Purchaser.
- You agree that nothing in the conditions of license gives the Purchaser or any other person or entity any rights whatsoever to the copyright of or in any of the purchased forms and or any copies made by the Purchaser or any other person or entity under the terms granted by this license.