Passage Planners


Free Download 1. - Download the .PDF form to enable us to complete Page 1 of Form CSMF12 - 'Bespoke' Call Sign & MMSI Identification Number Form. (opens in new tab).


Click here to download


Free Download 2. - Download our Free beta version of our passage planning software - an automated Yacht Fuel Calculation and Planning Form.


Full instructions on its use are included with the form.

Please note that by clicking on the following link you will go to a page which will ask for your email address in order to download for free a beta version of an excel sheet which will enable you to carry out fuel planning for your sailing or power yacht. By clicking on the link you confirm that have read and agreed to our privacy policy and our web access agreement and our online sales terms & conditions  and furthermore agree that you will be using the form for your private and personal and non-commercial use only and at your own risk and that it's owners and/or employees are not responsible for your use or misuse of the downloaded Excel sheet. Your email address will not be published.


Please note that the download is an Excel sheet written using Excel 2011. You will need to have a licensed Excel version compatible to Excel 2011 on your device to run the application.


The Yacht Fuel Calculator is suitable for Microsoft PC and AppleMac computers but is not currently developed for iPad or iPhones. reserves the right to continue to develop this beta application.


Click on the link below to go to free download page.


Fuel Check Prior to Passage Calculator



Free Download 3. - Download our Free beta version of our passage planning software - an automated Tidal Stream Start & End Time Calculator.


Full instructions on its use are included with the download.



By using the calculator, together with tide tables and the start and end times of the relative flow direction you will be able to calculate the times when the tidal stream is in your favour. This can then be assumed to be a ‘tidal gate’, to be included in your Passage Plan in order for you to adjust the start time of your passage accordingly and in good time to take advantage of that favourable stream.
TScalculate allows you to calculate several expected tidal stream events on the same form, which can then be printed out and attached to your Passage Plan for use in timing your passage. It is a very professional way of detailing your intentions and expectations.


For more details and a link to the download page where you can access TScalculate and the operating instructions, please click on the link below.

Access details to downlaod TScalculate

Free Download 4. - Download our Free Yacht Victualling List.


Downloading our Free Victualling List will help you to plan your requiremenst in terms of food and suchlike for a long or short sailing passage. It is a very comprehensive list file with over 450 pre-loaded items and with space for many more to be added by you. A detailed discussion on Yacht Victualling and provisioning can be seen HERE (opens in a new tab).


Click on the link below to go to free download page.


Download Free Yacht Victualling List


Free Download 5. - Download our Free Yacht Victualling App.


This is our unique App which will enable you to develop a Victualling List and carry out automatic page navigation, editing and printing + many other features.

Try it out and you will be amazed at how quickly you can create and edit a Victaulling List for your sea passage whether long or short and whether for a small or large crew and non-crew. Suitable for both sail and motor yacht planning as part of your general passage plan.


Download Free Victualling List App.