Passage Planners



We have designed a quick and easy form to complete for Tide detail planning for the various areas along your route, required for sea-going passages.


 In order for the form to be reusable, we have heat encapsulated it in a high quality 250µ.  thick matt plastic lamination pouches for strength and protection so that, by using a standard B grade black pencil to enter the details, alterations can be quickly and easily made en-route, if required. After the passage is completed the form can be erased using a standard pencil eraser and is then ready to be used again. It can be used several times over, making it a good value purchase.


 As our forms are completely waterproof they can be taken into the cockpit without concern for wet weather damaging your details.


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z. Tide Details Form
Reference: TD12
Our Tide Details Form is available in English French and German languages. Click on the Tide Details Title above, then click on the variation drop down box to select your choice. A4 size plastic heat encapsulated Tide Details Form TD1 with Tide Details Continuation Form TD2 on reverse (...
Variations Available: English Version - 3 Colour Background,English Version - Grey Background,French Version - 3 Colour Background,German Version - 3 Colour Background
This form is used to calculate the tidal stream start and end times for particular parts of the coast along the Passage Plan Route, such as headlands and other areas where we wish to take advantage of favourable streams, or indeed avoid headlands with unfavourable streams. This is of particular inte...
Save 6% - A4 size plastic heat encapsulated Tidal Stream Calculation Forms (part: TS1 + TS2) + Tide Details Forms (part: TD1 + TD2). Click on photos for expanded view). Can help with RYA day skipper, yacht master and other navigation courses. Waterproof and supplied in Matt finish both sides...
Variations Available: 3 Colour Background