Sailability Scheme


Disability should be no barrier to learning and we consider it important to highlight the RYA Sailability Scheme, directed towards persons with disabilities who wish to learn how to sail.

It has been in existence in excess of 16 years and is usually offered through Reservoirs such as Llandegfedd Lake near Newport, South Wales.


The beautiful Llandegfedd Lake Reservoir site

The scheme offers sailing courses for disabled people, using specially adapted sailing dinghies.


One to one instruction is given, usually free of charge, and once the disabled sailor has reached a level of competence, they are able to take a sailing dinghy out on the reservoir or lake by themselves or with a passenger.




Sailability enables a degree of freedom for ‘want to be sailors’ who due to their disability would have difficulty or find it impossible to receive the required safe and competent instruction.


RYA sailability schemes are extremely popular and have enabled so many sailors to receive a sailing skill who, hitherto would have not been able to take up such an enjoyable sport.





Right image and below video- Judy, a competent disabled sailor following her successful qualification, obtained at Llandegfedd Lake, through the Sailibility Scheme.



Above image of Llandegfedd Lake Reservoir siite Copyright acknowledged.