Passage Planners

A form to help you assess your fuel requirements for your passage and to assist your passage planning. We also have a software version of our Fuel Planner. Click here for a FREE DOWNLOAD of our beta version.





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Fuel Planning Calculation Form


Prior to any passage we need to check our fuel tank level and add fuel if necessary.

This form helps to assess how much fuel to add to ensure that we have adequate fuel for our Voyage including a minimum spare capacity.


 On one side of the form we have the full form on which you can enter your vessel's engine(s) details and passage length in order to be able to calculate the fuel consumption for the passage and an assessment that you have adequate fuel in the tank for the Voyage.

Ref: FP1










Full instructions on how to make the calculation, are shown on the other side of the form.

Ref: FP2


The forms are heat encapsulated within a premium matt plastic A4 size pouch which allows for  details to be written using a B grade black pencil. Details may be altered as required by erasing and re-entering. There is plenty of space on each line to allow easy entering of detail.