Passage Planners - Notes on Ordering


We do not want you to pay more for Postage and Packing (P&P) than you absolutely need to.


So please be aware that when you place an order with us, the P&P charge is selected by you, depending where the delivery is to made; at the end of your order and prior to payment.

Irrespective of how many items you add to your order, the P&P charge is the same, so if you order one item or many items, the P&P charge is the same i.e a single charge.


We are making this clear to our customers as we sometimes find that you order a particular item and pay for P&P and then order a further item and pay another P&P. This makes our products look too expensive!


Generally we are able to to realise this when we receive your orders and, as we don’t want you to waste your hard earned money on additional P&P prior to dispatch by us, we are almost always able to combine your orders into one delivery and send to you as one package. The Postage and Packaging will reflect the correct type and value for the combined order.


In this situation we will always refund the unused P&P in the form of a Paypal credit to you. We will advise you of this when we confirm dispatch of your order.


We hope that this makes our policy clear and is helpful to you. So if you are ordering several items, please order them at the same time and check out with one delivery charge only.