WATERPROOF PAPER - Supplied in pack of 10 Sheets.
Finding dry paper on a boat, particularly for use in the cockpit can be a challenge. We can now provide a white waterproof paper which can be written on using pencil. Ideal for notes, cockpit logs, navigation details, sketches, bearings, radio messages, anything which you want to write down and keep dry ……..
Our new White A4 size 160 gsm. waterproof paper has an ultra smooth finish which can be written on using B grade pencil.

Our paper is waterproof and made from polyester laser film which can be used immediately following printing. The paper can be printed on using a laser printer and/or mono and colour printers (not inkjet).

Where durability against exposure to the elements and where handling or cleaning is critical our waterproof paper is:
Multi-use - can be used and erased several times if written on using B grade black pencil whereupon the paper can be erased using a Staedtler plastic pencil eraser.
Waterproof - impervious to fresh water, sea water and heavy rain.
Grease proof - perfect for repeated handling applications
Tear proof - cannot be torn by hand or become dog-eared
Wipe able - ideal for environments where regular cleaning is required
Easy stain removal - withstands use of household detergents, medical disinfectants and bleach
UV resistant – robust durability for prolonged exposure to sunlight.
Excellent print quality – ensures vibrant colour representation and sharp imagery
No need to laminate - maximum durability without the added material and process cost of lamination
Tolerant to fluctuations in temperatures - once printed, can be used in temperatures ranging from -40°c to 120°c.

Question & Answers

Q. Can the forms be hole punched?

Yes - The forms can be hole punched. However, drilling should be avoided.

Q. Can I write on the forms?

Yes - Pencils such as B grade may be used. However avoid fountain and gel pens as they won't dry on the page. Mechanical pencils have a thinner tip which can dig into the paper and so we don’t recommend these. You can write with other instruments but will be unable to erase!

Q. Can I erase writing on the paper?

Yes - provide the paper has been written on using B, HB pencil. Note however that if the paper has been laser printed or copier printed with a colour background, the background, if written on will not be very resistant to erasure.

Q. Can I print on the waterproof paper?

A. Yes, using colour or mono laser printers (not ink jet printer).

Q. Can the waterproof paper be cut using scissors?

A. Yes the paper can be cut to smaller sizes and the smaller sheets can be ring bound to create a small notebook without affecting the waterproof integrity.