Passage Plan - Corfu to Rhodes


During February 2024 we planned a passage from Corfu in the North Ionian sea to the Island of Rhodes in the South Aegean Sea.


A distance of some 565 miles it is composed of 13 Waypoints the greatest leg of which was 226 nautical miles.


Although upon checking, the Variation (Vº) was a constant at 5º East, our Compass Deviation (Dº) varied from 1º East to 6 ºEast.


By using our Passage Planners - Compass Headings and Calculations Excel App. we were able to easily and quickly calculate our proposed Compass Courses (Cº) and also to make copies of them for use on passage.


Please note that the leg WP3 - WP4 was not used in the calculations as this is the leg which passes through the Lefkas Canal. This area can be very busy during the day with traffic in both directions. The channel is very clearly marked with buoys and generally very easy to navigate.





Following our route planning by plotting our course on the relevant charts for the route covered and  prror to using our Excel App. we detailed each of the Waypoints and measured the True Course (Tº) for each leg and noted the distance, chart variation (Vº) and our compass deviation (Dº) which we obtain from our compass deviation chart.


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The left hand image shows the Calculation page of our Compass Headings and Calculations Excel App.

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We used the 'Records of Calculation' area to store the the first 5 items calculated relating to the data required for each leg navigation including the calculated Compass Course (Cº).


Thus, we now have good records to enable us to complete our Passage Planning prior to voyage. We would use this data with our other passage planning documents.






As the 'Records of Calculation' page only has available space for 5 lines of Records of Calculation1, we are able to store the remaining 6 records on the 'Records' page which may be accessed by clicking on the 'Click for Records' page button on the Calculation page.






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