Introductory Offer - Make your own professional Sailing/Cruising Log Book using our pre-designed and sequentially numbered pages which we supply to you as a .pdf digital download.

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Following the digital download you will be able to use our .PDF files to make your own Sailing Logbook.
Our .pdf files include 40 individually numbered as 1..2..3..etc main pages with entries detailing your specific voyage details and several lines of your actual voyage log. Each main page has an extension page also numbered, as 1A..2A..3A etc. which continues with your voyage log entries. We also include a front cover sheet and a rear cover sheet.So, in total there is 85 pages of detailed log page entry. (see photos for entry details).

There is plenty of room for all entries without being cramped and there is lots of lines for log entries.

This is a professional design for serious sailors and provides entries for a detailed record of your sea passages.

Needless to say - the .pdf files you will download will not have a 'copyright watermark', and will be pin sharp!

Additionally, to reference your sailing yacht or vessel we have included 2 pages of details relating to your boat, including essential radio call sign details, your boat’s MMSI number and a further sheet detailing more descriptive details of your boat and contact details.

All in all, there is 85 pages for download.

Q. Why number the log book entry sheets?

A. Log books are legal documents and If they are produced on paper (almost all are), they should be kept in a book with numbered pages. Any entry error made in the completion of a log book should be crossed out and not erased. If, heaven forbid, the log book becomes a document to be produced in a law court, then the erasure of detail and/or removal of pages could be challenged in court.


Please be aware that no physical product will be posted as this is a digital product which can only be sent to you by download to your email address.

The files which will be downloaded are as follows:

1 x .pdf files containing 80 Passage Planning Log Book pages, 4 pages of Cover design and Your Boat details, and a page detailing the 'License to copy' the .PDF Passage Planners Sailing Log Book.

In total there will be 1 x .PDF files in the digital download. File size is approx. 6.1 MB.

We will send you an email to your email address given to us at the time of your order. The email will include the .PDF attachment with instructions of how to download and save to your device. Following this you will be able to print your Log Book.

Because digital products can't be returned, this product cannot be refunded.