A Compass True Heading Tº and Compass Heading Cº calculator written in Microsoft Excel.

If you know your required / existing True Heading (Tº), our Excel App. will calculate your Compass Course (Cº). Or, If you know your required / existing Compass Course (Cº), you can easily calculate your required True Heading (Tº).

Use our Excel App. at Passage Planning stage and/or when you are underway. Our App. explains the reasoning behind the calculations and also provides for you to store your calculations as you work on your Passage Plan and/or following leaving Port.

Please note that the download delivery of this Excel product is free (see below). It includes full instructions on how to use the App. Also included is a .PDF example file.

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The True Heading Tº and Compass Heading Cº calculator application is suitable for Microsoft PC and AppleMac computers and laptop devices. It may work with iPads but is not actually developed for iPad or iPhones. reserves the right to continue to develop this application.

Please note the following:

1. The App is designed to work in full screen mode.

2. You may be requested to allow the App to download some Excel fonts prior to use (if not already on your device). They are fonts used in the App. and are safe to be downloaded.

Please note that the download is an Excel App written using Excel 2021. You will need to have a licensed Excel version which will work with applications developed using Excel 2021 on your device to run the application. Earlier Excel versions should work ok.

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This Excel application was written using: Microsoft Excel for Mac Version 16.82 (24021116)
License: Office Home & Student 2021.

It uses Macros which must be accepted for the application to work.

We guarantee that this Excel Application and macros is totally free from anything which will harm your computer.