This form is used to calculate the tidal stream start and end times for particular parts of the coast along the Passage Plan Route, such as headlands and other areas where we wish to take advantage of favourable streams, or indeed avoid headlands with unfavourable streams. This is of particular interest to sailing yacht skippers whose knowledge of streams throughout the passage can make the difference between a pleasant voyage or an uncomfortable one, particularly when the passage time exceeds more than one tidal period.
One side of the sheet allows you to enter data for your chosen area from a tidal stream atlas and tide tables for the high water reference port.The reverse side gives full details of how to use the form, by going through a detailed calculation for a particular area.
The form is heat encapsulated within a premium matt plastic A4 size pouch which allows for data to be written using a B grade pencil. Details may be altered as required by erasing and re-entering. There is plenty of space on each line to allow easy entering of detail. Can be used for several tmes. (1 encapsulated pouch part:TS1 + TS2)
Available Size A4 only.

(This may seem obvious, however please note that the images shown of our planning forms may contain copyright text on the images. Of course, the forms you receive will not contain such text and the printing on the forms will be absolutely sharp).