Plastic heat encapsulated Call Sign and MMSI number Page 1 (CSM1) together with your Vessel Details (CSM2) on reverse (Click on photos for expanded view) - A4 size. The forms may be used when information is required quickly and particularly in an emergency situation when your vessel Call sign and MMSI number is required to be given in the event of a Mayday or Pan-Pan situation. The reverse side includes important details of your vessel regarding specification, life saving equipment, radio navigation, and shore contact details. Full instructions are included regarding the completion of the forms where up to 34 details of your vessel may be inserted. The form also includes the Phonetic Alphabet. It is recommended that these forms are kept near to your radio station for easy access in your vessel's cockpit or your radio below deck.
Encapsulated, waterproof and supplied in Matt finish both sides each form can be written on using a B grade pencil and easily erased with a rubber eraser. Can be used several times. (1 encapsulated pouch part: CSM1 + CSM2).
Available in size A4: Grey background. Click on images to see the form.
This product is part of our VHF DSC Radio Emergency procedure card range.