This is a set of two A4 size plastic heat encapsulated forms (Supplied as 2 A4 size pages in 1 encapsulated pouch) which will be invaluable should you need to make an emergency 'Mayday' or 'Pan-Pan' call. The forms include all the details required to make the Coast Guard or emergency services aware of your emergency.
Our Radio Emergency Mayday and Pan-Pan Cockpit Cards takes the user through the spoken Mayday and/or Pan-pan procedure, and each type of distress call is treated separately. The forms need to be kept near your VHF/DSC radio either in the cockpit or at the radio station below deck. The essential details such as Vessel Name, Call Sign and MMSI identification number is filled in by the user so that they will be ready for instant use should the need arise. The procedure can then be read out by the person making the call, in a calm and controlled manner, who may not be the skipper or indeed have any training in making such calls, thereby making the call in the correct protocol required by the Coast Guard.

Waterproof and supplied in Matt finish both sides, each form can be written on using a B grade pencil and easily erased with a rubber eraser. Can be used several times. (Supplied as 2 A4 size pages in 1 encapsulated pouch part: MDP12).
This product is part of our VHF DSC Radio Emergency procedure card range.

(This may seem obvious, however please note that the images shown of our planning forms may contain copyright text on the images. Of course, the forms you receive will not contain such text and the printing on the forms will be absolutely sharp).