Matt Encapsulated Planning Forms

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Licence to print copies by the purchaser


When you, the purchaser, buys any of our matt encapsulated planning forms only, you are also granted a license  from to make an unlimited number of additional copies of the purchased encapsulated forms under the following license conditions and limited to our matt encapsulated planning forms only.


Conditions of License


1. The copies must be made by you personally and limited to the purchased encapsulated forms.


2. You agree not to, or to encourage or to allow others to copy or publish the purchased encapsulated forms.


3. The copies must be for your sole and exclusive personal use.


4. The copies must not be loaned to or given to or sold to or published to or by any third party.


5. The copies may if required only be encapsulated/laminated by you personally.  If encapsulated/laminated the subsequent encapsulated/laminated copy/copies must not be loaned or given or sold to any third party. 


6. The copies must not be edited by you or any third party.


7. This license relates to the copying of our matt encapsulated planning forms only and the license does not include the copying of any of the planning forms included in our Wire bound Book Sets namely: Book Set 1: Passage Planning Forms,  Book Set 2: Pilotage Planning Forms,  Book Set 3: Port of Refuge Planning Forms.


8. Nothing in the above conditions of license as detailed above gives you the purchaser, or any other person or entity any rights whatsoever to the copyright of any of the products offered by and/or any copies made by you, the purchaser, or any other person or entity under the terms granted by this license.


9. Any breach of the above conditions is a breach of the copyright owned by and could render the purchaser open to a claim in law for breach of copyright.