Yacht provisioning services - Not just for Superyachts!

Whether your provisioning requirements are for a small or large yacht, a large or small crew with on-board passengers, or whether your passage is over a short or long number of days, there is an alternative way to order and receive your provisions dockside and delivered right to your boat.

There are, throughout the popular sailing areas of the World, many internet based companies who will supply your provisioning needs to you without you needing to visit supermarkets, butchers, grocers and other similar outlets. This is a service which has built up over the years into a very popular way of getting provisions, particularly if you are in an unfamiliar port and without the transport, to get the considerable number of items required, often at fairly short notice.

Although perhaps more expensive than carrying out the provisioning yourself, this type of service can be of good use to sailors picking up a charter yacht or arriving to join a flotilla holiday. Charter/Flotilla providers will usually include a small starter pack for their customers, however this really is only for short term use, generally on the day of arrival, and provisioning proper is required to be undertaken quickly.  We recall the benefit of this when arriving at Gouiva Marina near Corfu Town preparatory to starting a flotilla cruising holiday.  Gouiva is a very large marina and is not well equipped with nearby super or mini markets. Thus, any provisions purchased outside of the marina need to be transported quite a distance depending on the position of your boat in the marina. We had pre-ordered our requirements for the following week from a provisioning supermarket near to the port prior to our departure from UK and it was delivered within an hour of of our arrival at the Marina following a phone call to the supermarket. Service indeed! With just a small amount of forethought, so much time and effort can be saved and particularly if you arrive on a Sunday when many local supermarket and food shops are closed. The use of a yacht provisioning company called Yachtfresh was invaluable to us following a long journey from UK to the very large Lefkas Marina on the Ionian Island of Lefkada. We arrived in a fierce rain storm to collect a charter yacht, late afternoon on a Sunday. The last thing we wanted to do was go shopping, neither did we welcome the prospect of wasting the following morning searching for supplies in the local town and hauling them back to the yacht! We just wanted to get sailing! We had contacted the company in good time prior to departure and, following a phone call made at Prevezia Airport to advise our time of arrival at Lefkas, we received a welcome delivery of our order which included fresh meat, vegetables, fruit, drink, prepared meals and galley essentials; sufficient to cover us for the next two weeks victualling in which we alternated with lovely Greek meals on alternative ports of call - Fabulous!!!


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